How much do the services cost on [Video]

Registration on our website is free of charge. You can also navigate the site for free. You may find all of our services detailed in the table below the video for your convenience.
Service Price Additional Information
Live Chat
Let's Mingle FREE Available as part of the monthly membership. The service can be used once every 24 hours without charge.
5 credits per mingle If used within 24 hours of using the service previously.
Online Chat FREE 10 free chats for up to 3 minutes each are available as part of the monthly membership.
1 credit per minute After the 10 free chats have been used up.
One-Way Video Chat 4 credits per minute Your or your companion's webcam is turned on.
Two-Way Video Chat 6 credits per minute Your and your companion's webcam is turned on.
Offline Chat FREE 10 offline chats for up to 3 messages are available as part of the monthly membership. An offline chat message up to 160 characters may be sent to another member you haven't communicated with previously.
1 credit per message Up to 160 characters per message. After using up any free offline chat messages that may apply.
Email Correspondence
Read Email FREE The first emails from any members you have had no communication with
10 credits per email All other emails from any members 
Send Email 10 credits per email  
Send Present to Member 49 credits per delivery The final price of the service depends on the flowers or gifts that you select from the list of available options. The 49 credits fee is the delivery fee.
View Member Video on Profile Page 10 credits per video  
Send/View Photo or Video 15 credits each Sent or received through the Live Chat or Email Correspondence services.
Send Sticker 5 credits per sticker
Send Smile FREE
Send Premium Smile 1 credit per smile

Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the customer service team by using the Let Us Know button in the Help Center.


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